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Chibis.pngHi everyone!

Welcome or welcome back to the BnB Anime Podcast!

"BnB" is him n' me, Brad & Blue, your hosts! We're here to talk anime news, shows, manga, games & all the nerdy stuff we love.

Blue is from Britain and living in Canada, and Brad is American and living in Tennessee. We are both voice actors, Twitch streamers, and artists! And of course, we both love anime and manga, and we hope you'll enjoy listening to us talk about it!

As well as this website, we are on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and Android and iOS apps!

Please have a look at the social media links on our contact us section, we'd love to know what you think of the show, and what anime you'd like us to check out next.

Thank you so much for checking us out and remember to follow, subscribe, like, comment, all that good stuff to help us grow and keep making more shows!

Blue Lavander Blue Lavander Blue Lavander
Hi everyone! I'm Blue!!

A weirdo living in AB Canada, aka snow, ice & umm… more snow.

I was born in the south of England and lived there for most of my childhood before embarking on my adventure to the Great White North. Because of the move and a few other factors I started manipulating my voice into accents other than my own. That's what got me started on the path to my true passion, voice acting!
Keep your ears primed because I'm coming to the big screen soon, check out my IMDb Profile!

I've been in the entertainment industry since I was very young, starting in theater companies, dipped my toes into professional modelling, and now voice acting. I have many hopes and dreams for my life's path and this podcast is one of them! I love anime, video games and all things nerd, so this is a total passion project that I have the most fun working on with my awesome friend Brad.

Thank you for listening to us ramble about our favourite shows.
I hope you'll join us in this awesome journey of craziness!

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🎙️  My Voice Acting
🎨  My Art Work
Brad Carter Brad Carter Brad Carter
Hi everyone! I'm Brad!!

A weirdo living in Tennessee, soooooo umm… pollen, all seasons in a week, and… volunteers?

I love dogs, chocolate, enjoy long walks on the beach… wait, wrong bio, BAKA! I was born in what used to be a small town called Cleveland, TN. I’ve been in the entertainment industry for just shy of a decade, started aged 16 in pro wrestling, transitioned to YouTube & Twitch 6 years ago and never looked back!

I’ve been a fan of animation all my life, and as a kid I copied the voices - Stitch was my first impression! voice acting has always been my biggest ambition, and this podcast is another great way to explore audio work! I've always loved anime, video games and comics, so this is close to my heart. I cannot thank Blue enough for joining me on this adventure!

And finally, to each of you, thank you so much for listening to the two of us idiots ramble on about something that we’re so passionate about. I shall be forever grateful for it!

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🎙️  My Voice Acting
🎨  My Art Work
Mascots Header Mascots Header
BnB Circle Logo Hi everyone! I'm Tilly!!
Golden retriever, Insta model, and pro podcast mascot!
Brad drew a kawaii anime version of me for our logo!
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BnB Circle Logo
And this is my cute friend Prickly - she bravely guards the cactus corner for Blue and Brad's Twitch streams! Tilly and Prickly
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