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Blue's Artwork
Hi everyone!

Both Blue and Brad enjoy creating Art, in very different styles!

Blue mostly creates hand-drawn pencil art, recently been focusing on realistic portrayals of nature!

Blue's Artwork

To see more of Blue's art:

    · Blue sometimes posts sketching videos on YouTube
    · Blue often posts new sketches on her Instagram
    · Blue has an Art section & monthly challenge on Discord
    · Blue sometimes does live art streams on her Twitch

Finally, exciting news! Some of Blue's work is being turned into custom stationary like cards and notebooks that will soon be available online. Check back soon for links and listen for news on future episodes of the Podcast!

Brad's Artwork
Brad makes awesome art too!

He mostly creates anime and manga inspired digital art, both original work, and tributes to his favourite shows and characters!  Here are some examples of his work!


He also created custom emotes and art for both Blue's Twitch and his own, and the characters our logo for the podcast, based on our Twitch mascots, Tilly the dog and Prickly the cactus! The logo text and layout was done by our friend Jenn at The Dust Jacket Designs.


Brad also creates new pieces of art for our podcasts on our Instagram! You can contact him with commission requests by email.

Thank you so much for the support!

Tilly and Prickly
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