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Hi everyone!

We're so glad you enjoy listening to our show.

Of course, you can listen to all the episodes on this very website, and you can search or explore our archives via the boxes in the right hand column or every page. However, there are many other ways to listen to us however is most convenient for you!

    · Click the "download" link under each episode for an MP3 file to play on any device, any time
    · You can find our show on Spotify, and listen on any web browser, or Internet enabled device!
    · We are also on Apple Podcasts, iTunes and Apple Music for all Apple iOS devices!
    · We also upload every episode in full to our official YouTube channel

But the very best way to listen is with the dedicated App for your phone or tablet, because then you can interact with us, leave us comments and likes, and more!

    · Download the App for Android Devices from Google Play Store
    · Download the App for Apple Devices from Apple App Store

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Thank you so much in advance!

Tilly and Prickly
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